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NU-VUE Window Films is the leading window tinting company in Southern California. Since the company's foundation in 1991, we have accumulated vast experience in residential and commercial window tinting. Additionally, we are known countrywide for our timely and professional service.

Under the leadership of Gregg McKay, an industry guru who has worked with various window film manufacturing companies, it is safe to say that we are your ideal La Mesa window film company. We aim to set the industry standards higher by offering the highest quality window films, professional services and the best warranties available in the market.

Our commitment to homeowners and businesses is to ensure that you get the best window tinting and window films at cost-efficient prices. Additionally, we also help you save money in more ways than one. Read on to learn more.

Benefits of Window Tinting

Cars and offices adopted the use of solar window films a while back. However, their application in residential spaces is becoming increasingly popular. You can now enjoy good visibility from within your house and privacy from outside while benefiting from effective solar control.

Below are some of the reasons why you should have one of our La Mesa windows tinting experts visit your home or commercial space.

  • Protection from harmful UV rays - this is perhaps the greatest benefit of hiring our windows tinting services. Windows films we install are capable of blocking up to 99% of UV light. Consequently, you and your family are protected against premature aging, skin dryness and other effects of being exposed to UV light.
  • Prevents interior color fading - without window tinting, direct sunlight that penetrates the glass can cause the fabric color on your furniture, drapes, and carpet to fade quickly. Your electronics also face the risk of getting damaged faster by being directly exposed to sun rays.
  • Energy-efficient - Let the La Mesa window tinting experts show you how to avoid switching on the air conditioner at all times. By having your windows tinted, you can reduce the amount of heat that enters your house and save up to 84% on energy bills.

Benefits of Window Films

We also deal in various types of window films including decorative window films, safety & security films, graffiti films and privacy films. Would you like to give your windows and glass a makeover while you maintain an aura of privacy in your home? We have a variety of colors and designs you can choose from. They include stained glass, frosted glass or etched glass effect.

  • Moisture resistant - we offer the highest quality window films from reputable manufacturers. They make an excellent choice for businesses, homes (even bathrooms) as they are resistant to moisture, humidity and steam.
  • Accentuates overall design - Our La Mesa window films selection comprises the most beautiful decorative films that will give your house an appealing exterior. What's more, decorative window films do not reduce the amount of light your home interior receives.
  • Safety - if an accident should occur and cause your glass or windows to break, the security films we install can protect you from flying glass. The security film holds the shattered glass together and has been known even to prevent break-ins.

Contact the La Mesa window tinting experts today and transform your residential or commercial space.

For more information on our products, please click the 3M products link below: Nu-Vue Window Films is an Authorized 3M Dealer

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