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As the temperatures begin to plummet across many parts of North America, it’s time to start thinking about your home’s energy efficiency. With energy prices increasing by the day, you might have higher than usual utility bills if you fail to take action now. To help homeowners and business owners across the country, our expert window film installation professionals have shared five interesting facts about window films in this guide.

✅Window Films Block 99% of the Sun’s Harmful UV Rays

Among the significant benefits of installing window films is that they block 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays. And the good news is that you won’t have to sacrifice your natural light. Also, you don’t have to rely on artificial light to keep your home bright. While blinds and shades also do an excellent job of stopping some of the sun’s harmful rays from getting to your property, they often create darker spaces. Additionally, blinds don’t do an excellent job of enhancing energy efficiency.

If you are a plant parent, you will also be glad to know that window films don’t harm plants. Many assume that window films can kill houseplants by reducing the amount of natural light plants get. But the truth is that window films don’t harm house plants. Your plants will continue to get as much natural light as they were before. In fact, it might boost plant growth by blocking dangerous UV rays.

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✅Window Films Reject As Much as 80% of the Sun’s Heat in the Summer

Window films are a long-lasting solution to your rising utility bills. Typically, energy rates tend to increase during the hot summer months due to increased demand for electricity. Homeowners and business owners use more electricity in summer for air conditioning. Fortunately, you can now reduce your air conditioning expenses by installing window films. 

When professionally installed, window films can block as much as 80% of the sun’s heat without reducing the amount of natural light coming into your building. This means you don’t have to run your air conditioner for long, lowering your electric bill. Also, it helps you reduce your carbon footprint.

✅Professionally Installed Window Films Last Beyond 20 Years

Many people frown upon window films because they assume window films aren’t a long-lasting solution. However, the truth is that window films can last more than 20 years in the right conditions. Low-quality and poorly installed window films can’t last that long. Another significant factor that affects longevity is the condition of the window on which the film will be placed. The window films will likely last longer if the underlying glass is in top shape. This is because an old window might not provide a smooth and level surface.

Aside from that, the directional position that your windows are facing will also influence the window film’s longevity. Window films installed on windows facing north to south are likely to last longer than those facing east to west. In addition, climate also affects the film’s lifespan. Films installed in areas that receive excessive heat and wind may not last as long as those installed in areas with a better climate.

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✅Window Films Can Lower Your Electricity Bills in Winter Months

The energy-saving benefits of window films are not felt only during the hot summer months. Homeowners and business owners can also lower heating costs with window films during the cold winter. Professionally installed window films can boost your property’s energy efficiency during winter by retaining heat. When you install window films, you can reduce the convection effect of heat escaping through your glass to the outside. Once again, lowering your heating costs will also reduce your carbon footprint.

✅Window Films Can Be Installed in One Day

Window film installation is a pretty straightforward process. Installation takes a day or a few hours, depending on the size of your building. However, it’s not a DIY project, as it requires specialized skills and equipment. For instance, you must take the proper measurement and prepare your windows adequately before placing the film. You must also use the correct type of soap to clean the windows. From there, you must dry the windows using a squeegee or any other tool. After that, you must cut the film and place it on the window. Finally, remove water and air bubbles and trim the film with the right tools.

Choose the Best Window Films Today

From the foregoing, it’s clear that installing window films is a great Christmas present as well as a new year saving. It can help you lower your electricity bills and carbon footprint throughout the year. However, you must use the highest-quality window films to realize these benefits. If you have further questions, contact NU-VUE Window Films window film experts to schedule your free consultation.