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About NU-VUE Window Films

NU-VUE Window Films offers the best window films for the job, meaning that with all the films on the market today, NU-VUE will only install the best quality films that are available in the industry.

Our Team


Gregg McKay


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Tracy McKay

Office Manager & HR

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Don Wilkinson


Rigo e1586221973420

Rigo Perez


Ariel e1586221874171

Ariel Melo

Operations Manager

NU-VUE team member Randy

Randy Marrujo

Lead Installer

NU-VUE team member Andres

Andres Espinoza

Lead Installer

NU-VUE team member Willy

William Aparicio

Installer Trainee

Jairo 2023

Jairo Lopez Pineda


NU-VUE team member working on the office

Victoria Liuchan

Admin Support – Remote

Jazmin 2023

Jazmin Guevara

Office Coordinator

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Animal Representative

A NU-VUE representative presenting NU-VUE Services



The President of NU-VUE



A NU-VUE representative presenting NU-VUE Services



Our Story

Gregg McKay is the President of NU-VUE Window Films, Inc. in San Diego, CA. Gregg started tinting windows in 1986. In 1991, he decided to start his own business and opened his first window tint facility. Gregg expanded his business and opened another facility in 1993 due to the rapid growth and increased demand for commercial and home window tinting. In 1998, the largest window film manufacturer in the United States recognized Gregg for his experience and reputation in the window tinting industry and offered him a sales and training position, which Gregg happily accepted. Two years later, Gregg was promoted to Sales and Distribution Manager for the company and was also given the responsibility to operate as the Commercial Manager. The Commercial Managers’ responsibilities included: specifying window films on large buildings as well as working with Property Managers, Architects, Facility Managers, and Interior Designers. Gregg also sat on the board of the IWFA, International Window Film Association.

After 11 and a half years of helping promote window films in San Diego County and the surrounding areas, Gregg decided to open NU-VUE Window Films, Inc. This new company will set new standards in the San Diego window tinting industry.
We strive to put our customers first and provide professional installers focusing on giving our customers the best  possible experience. We are very picky when it comes to our employees, so you can be assured that only those that pass strict guidelines and policies are part of our team. 
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A photo of NU-VUE team taken last 2015 in front of their office



Team photo of NU-VUE during Christmas Season 2017



Group picture of NUVUE team showing their wacky poses



2020 Group picture of NUVUE team in front of a building


NUVUE Team in front of the office