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Avoid Graffiti Removal With These 5 Graffiti Prevention Tips

The cleanup of graffiti costs a whopping $12 billion each year in the United States.

You’ll pay for graffiti removal out of your own pocket if someone tags your property. The best thing you can do is prevent graffiti from happening, rather than focusing on removal alone.

Learn more about protecting your property from graffiti by using these five tips.
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Graffiti vandals need time in the shadows to do their work.

Simple fix — take away their shadows.

Install high-tech lighting, with the ability to detect motion, and get rid of your property’s blind spots. Hire a company that installs eco-friendly lighting so that you’ll light your property without running up electric bills.

Security lighting professionals will install these lights in the most effective way to get rid of all hiding places.


Once you’ve increased visibility, it’s time to start looking at surveillance camera systems.

A surveillance system documents trespassing and vandalism, which is worth every penny for your peace of mind.

You’ll pay an average of $1,200 for this system, so get some rates in writing to compare before making your purchase.

Install the cameras prominently, so that taggers know they’re being watched. Having these cameras alone is often enough to deter vandalism.


The best way to protect against graffiti is to make sure it won’t stick.

Shop for protective paint, clear coatings, and other barriers that are resistant to graffiti. Applying a graffiti film to your windows and glass walls, for instance, will also get the job done.


Ramping up your overall protection reduces the chances of graffiti.

For a business, the presence of security is hard for anyone to ignore. Have a guard making rounds will make any would-be graffiti vandal think twice.

If you’re trying to prevent graffiti damage to your home, getting a dog can also do the same trick. You don’t need to invest in an attack dog — the loud barking alone is often enough to chase off graffiti vandalism.

At the very least, post a “beware of dog” on your exterior walls or doors.


Finally, controlling the terrain makes it difficult for vandals to make any headway.

Create barriers of plants, bushes, and shrubs around your property so that a person can’t comfortably sneak around and cause damage.

This works to increase your property values as well — since curb appeal is huge in building equity. You can hire a landscaper to help you arrange your plants in a way that’s not only protective, but also appealing.


Now that you know the tips to help you prevent the graffiti menace, it’s time to put them to use.

If you want to get tough on graffiti, work with a company that can sell you the products you need. Take the time to contact us and we’ll be glad to help you know more about our graffiti protection products.

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