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Large windows are a common feature in almost all commercial buildings. Although allowing as much natural light as possible can boost energy efficiency and production, the extra light can be too much to handle on a sunny day. When natural light is excessively bright, it can cause glare, making it difficult for the occupants to see and work.

Excessive natural light can also lead to excessive heat gain, making the building uncomfortable to work in. Fortunately, you can mitigate these issues by retrofitting your large windows with window films. This will not only boost your energy efficiency, but it can also help you achieve your aesthetic goals. Moreover, window films are cheaper than shades, blinds, and curtains.

Let’s discuss the five surprising things window films can do for your building.

Installation of window films to a commercial building

✅Improving Energy Efficiency

If your utility bills have been skyrocketing in the past few months, you must find a long-lasting solution to this problem. Installing window films is one of the best ways to enhance your building’s energy efficiency. Window films such as UV and solar control films can improve energy efficiency during the hot summer months by blocking excessive heat and reducing glare. While most people assume that films are only essential in the summer, the truth is that they can also enhance energy efficiency in the winter.

Window films have high insulating values to retain heat in your building during the cold winter. Moreover, some films can reflect infrared light into the room to keep it warm. Apart from helping you achieve significant energy savings, retrofitting your building with window films will also reduce carbon emissions.

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✅Blocking Dangerous UV Rays

Another significant benefit of window films for your building is that they help keep out dangerous UV rays and reduce glare. The sun emits non-ionizing radiation, commonly referred to as ultraviolet radiation. UV radiation is categorized into three broad categories: ultraviolet A, ultraviolet B, and ultraviolet C. The type of radiation that mainly reaches the earth is ultraviolet A. Some ultraviolet B also gets to the earth’s surface. Ultraviolet C is completely absorbed by the ozone layer and never reaches the earth’s surface.

Although UV radiation offers various benefits, like providing vitamin D, it poses multiple health risks. That’s why you should understand the different types of UV radiation before selecting suitable window films for your building. Let’s talk about the three types in detail below:

  • Visible light is the part that you often see. It comprises approximately 44% of sunlight and is responsible for causing glare.
  • Near-infrared is the invisible part of sunlight that is meant for heat gains. It comprises 53% of sunlight.
  • Ultraviolet radiation makes up approximately 3% of the sunlight and is responsible for causing skin cancer and fading interiors.

Fortunately, window films can block up to 99% of all UV rays, providing unmatched protection for your interior. The best window films for minimizing glare and blocking dangerous rays are solar control films and UV-blocking window films.

✅Achieving Your Branding and Aesthetic Goals

Apart from reducing glare and enhancing energy efficiency, window films provide a cost-effective solution to your branding and aesthetic needs. It’s not surprising that decorative window films have become increasingly popular over the years. Whether you want to enhance curb appeal or stand out from your competitors, decorative window films can do it all.

The good news is that these films are available in different styles and designs. Some even mimic specialty glasses. For instance, you can now find window films that look like stained glass or frosted windows in the market. They are also available in different patterns, including bamboo-style patterns.

Commercial Window Tinting Project

✅Enhancing Privacy and Security

Window films are also a cost-effective way to add security and privacy to your building. Privacy window films can add an extra layer of privacy to your building by obscuring the view of your building. These window films can also prevent break-ins. This is especially important if your commercial facility or home is in a high-crime area. Moreover, privacy window films can blur the view into your building, keeping intruders away. Also, these window films can keep your windows intact during natural disasters or a break-in. That also means that they can help minimize injuries from flying glass.

✅Easy to Install

Finally, window films are easier to install than specialty glasses and other treatments. This means they have a low impact on your building and the environment. Moreover, you need minimal tools and equipment to install window films because most are self-adhesive. Above all, many window film manufacturers provide a warranty on their products and installation services.

Final Thoughts

Window films provide a cost-effective and versatile opportunity to enhance the energy efficiency, privacy, security, decoration, and UV protection of your building. They are easier to install than specialty glasses and other treatments and are ideal for almost all commercial and residential applications. Whether you are looking for a cost-effective way to minimize fading or enhance curb appeal, check out our large selection to find exactly what you need.