The Advantages of Storefront Window Tinting For Retail Stores

storefront window tinting

Window tinting is the process of tinting or shading the window of a building to reduce heat and glare. Window tinting has been around since the 1930s when it was used to protect cars from the sun. Now window tinting is used in more than just automobiles, but also for buildings and homes. For example, […]

The Complete Guide to Window Film Installation and How It Can Save Your Money

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If you are a homeowner, you know that windows are one of the most expensive investments you will make. In many cases, they account for a large chunk of homeowners’ monthly utility bills. Window film is a cost-effective way to save money on your utility bills. This guide will teach you how to install window […]

Frosted Window Films

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Frosted Window films are a budget-friendly alternative to expensive curtains, blinds, specialty glass, and window replacements. Homeowners and business owners can use frosted window film to enhance their building privacy, energy efficiency, and security. Not only that, but frosted window film can block harmful UV rays and fight off heat glares. No matter your reason […]

Commercial Window Tinting

Commercial Window Tinting Corridor

Window Tinting Adequate natural light for your business is of enormous importance. It can boost morale and increase productivity. It also protects your employees from vitamin D deficiencies, depression, and health risks associated with fluorescent lighting. However, too much light and heat can be unbearable. As such, you need to look for ways to regulate […]

Top Reasons to Consider Window Tint for your Home

Although it sounds impossible, sometimes bright can be overwhelming. Whether you are at war with your energy inefficient home windows or outdated windows, it is best to use a suitable window tint for your residential windows.    However, choosing the right window tint for your windows can be difficult due to the vast availability of […]

A Look Back At Our Company Story

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NU-VUE Window Films has over 35 years of experience in window tinting, but do you know the whole story? Our president, Gregg McKay, started tinted windows back in 1986. Five years later,  he opened his own first window tint facility. He used this experience to open another facility in 1993 to keep up with the […]

Multiple Uses of Privacy Frosted Window Film in your Home or Office

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Do you know what the best thing about window tinting is? The fact that no matter what type of window film you choose, they all provide the same core benefits. So, let’s say that you wish to add a decorative element to your home or office in Murrieta; you would naturally gravitate towards Murrieta decorative […]

What Window Films Are Best for Office Buildings?

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By now, you must’ve heard that window tinting is incredibly beneficial and an excellent return on investment. And you heard right. One of the reasons for the widespread popularity of window films is the fact that they are incredibly versatile. They bring a number of benefits to your home or commercial space. They are also […]

Should You Have Tinted Windows in the Nursery

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Your baby simply cannot fall asleep during the day? Did you know that excess sunshine and glare can easily be the main culprits for your baby’s lack of sleep? Luckily, this problem is as easily solved with having window film installed in the nursery. Apart from solving this problem, window tinting in San Diego has […]