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Window tinting is wildly popular throughout California due to the many benefits it brings to home, office or commercial property interiors. Still, there are some misconceptions surrounding window tinting, most of which is completely unfounded.

To make an informed decision, it’s necessary to consider both sides. Nothing is black and white and it’s up to you to make the best choice. Here are some common misconceptions that were already proved wrong by numerous Murrieta window tinting professionals.


This claim doesn’t hold true nowadays because window films have become more advanced and sophisticated. While window films of the past typically blocked large portions of light, modern window films target only specific wavelengths of light, like infrared heat. In that way, there is more than enough visible light.

The important thing to note is that the advantages of installing window film are not limited to anti-UV protection. Most window films have anti-glare properties by default so they can even replace window shades and blinds. Without window film, you would have to keep the blinds closed to prevent excess glare, which would naturally reduce the amount of visible light in the room.
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This myth is in direct connection with the false claim that window film reduces the amount of visible light. This is simply not true. Besides, what do you think will happen to your plants if you place them by the untinted window, directly exposed to harmful UV-rays? Exactly – they will wither. It’s true that most plants need more sunlight than humans, but that doesn’t mean they are immune to the harmful ultraviolet light.

On the other hand, we should mention that the plants’ growth or flowering may slow down a bit after the installation of window film. The reason is that plants need some time to adjust to the change. After that, their life cycle will continue as usual.


First and foremost, since you shouldn’t clean your windows for a month after the installation, you should make sure the window tinting professionals you hired leave the windows shiny clean. After that, you can clean the windows like you normally do. Bear in mind that you shouldn’t scrub aggressively or use an abrasive cleaner but a soft cloth instead. Off-the-shelf non-abrasive cleaners will work just fine.


The logic behind this myth can only be explained by the fact that some window films cause the heat to be absorbed into the glass so that it doesn’t penetrate the interior. That may cause thermal stress, which is only one of the causes of window cracking or breaking, regardless of whether it’s tinted or not.

Other than that, the popularity of window film is partly due to its safety and security properties. When you install a security window film, it will hold the glass together even if it breaks.


Again, window film may have lasted for around 2 years in the early days of window tinting (although that too is debatable) but the technology has come a long way since then. What’s more, window films and tints are built to last; the only thing to consider is who to hire to install it. When it comes to how long your window films will hold, it all boils down to proper installation. If installed right, window film can last for decades.


Some go as far to suggest that window films and low-emission glass cancel each other out. Once more, window tinting experts claim that’s far from the truth. In reality, these two protective features actually complement each other; with low-E glass, you can even install lighter and clearer window films.

It’s vital that you consult a reliable Murrieta window tinting professional when adding window film to low-E window glass. The reason is that not all window films are compatible with all types of low-E glass. Don’t risk thermal damage to the glass by hiring a subpar service.


Since there are those who claim that there is no difference between different types of window film, people naturally assume they should go for the cheapest one. That’s a huge mistake, especially when you know that window film has to be compatible with low-E glass and other types of glass in order to bring the expected benefits.

Besides, the basic categorization of window films is into metalized, ceramic and hybrids. The distinction between anti-glare, anti-UV rays, decorative, security, anti-graffiti, and other types of window film, comes only later.


To make sure you get all the benefits of a properly installed window film, hire a trusted Murrieta window tinting company – NU-VUE Window Films has an outstanding track record in providing a variety of window tinting services. Let us show you how we can make your home, office, hotel restaurant or other property safer, more attractive and more comfortable. Give us a call today or get an estimate through our online form.

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