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Is Commercial Window Film Installation Worth it?

Investing in a commercial window film installation comes with many benefits for businesses. The U.S. Department of Energy says that commercial window films with energy-saving and sun control properties can significantly improve energy efficiency in your commercial facility. With various energy conservation technologies, such as UV and solar control films, business owners can get great value for their money within three years after installation. Unlike other alternatives such as blinds, specialty glasses, and window glazing, high-quality commercial window films offer one of the fastest ROI.

Moreover, commercial window tinting is a cost-effective way to enhance security in your facility. These films add a protective layer to your glass windows, making it difficult for burglars and criminals to break in and steal your property. Not only that, but window films will also make your glass windows more impact resistant to minimize damage due to breakage or shattering. Some window films, such as decorative privacy films, also prevent vandals and unauthorized people from peering through your office windows without reducing the amount of natural light coming into your facility.

A commercial building with window films

Another reason you should consider commercial window films is that they can add a unique look to your building. Commercial window films come in a variety of colors and styles. For instance, decorative privacy films can improve your facility’s curb appeal by adding a distinct look. These films will also add a touch of professionalism to your building. You will also be happy to know that decorative films mimic specialty windows such as frosted, stained, and etched glass. Above all, you can customize decorative window films based on your company’s logo or your city’s skyline.

The other reasons commercial window films are worth it is that they are long-lasting and easy to install. In addition, it’s a cheaper way of upgrading the appearance of your facility without breaking the bank. Commercial window films also offer superior UV protection and energy efficiency.

What are the Best Commercial Window Films for Sun Control and Energy Savings?

Many employers and employees don’t think about UV safety because they are sheltered from the sun for a significant part of the day. However, ultraviolet light can find its way to your facility through your large glass windows and doors. UV exposure can cause premature wrinkling, dry skin, thinning, and age spots.

Furthermore, it increases the risk of skin cancer. UV wavelengths can also break the chemical bonds of the solid surfaces and plastics in your facility. Fortunately, business owners can ensure reliable UV protection in the workplace by turning to sun control and energy-saving films such as solar control films, surface protection films, and UV films.

What are the Best Commercial Window Films for Safety and Security?

Businesses incur approximately $15.8 billion in damages due to property crime and vandalism. You can achieve greater security and safety for your occupants and their properties by investing in commercial window film installation. Commercial window films provide superior protection against natural and human threats. Above all, they will give you great peace of mind, especially if your facility is located in areas prone to vandalism and property crime. Such window films also offer other benefits such as:

  • Raising the level of protection against vandalism
  • Protecting your glass windows and surfaces from graffiti and scratching
  • Reducing the impact and hazards from shattered glass caused by crime, harsh weather conditions, and natural disasters
  • Slowing down vandals to give occupants adequate time to take necessary action
  • Protecting occupants and their properties from ultraviolet wavelengths.

Our best picks for safety and security are surface protection films, custom graffiti films, safety and security films, and tuffskin.

A commercial space with window films

What are the Best Decorative Commercial Window Films?

One of the most highly sought-after benefits of commercial decorative window films is to achieve better functionality and privacy. Commercial window films are your best bet if you want to add a distinct look to your facility on a budget. The good thing about decorative office window films is that they are available in numerous styles, sizes, designs, and colors. You can also choose a custom option based on your preferences, style, and budget. Aside from enhancing curb appeal, decorative window films offer reliable protection and privacy.

How Long Do Commercial Window Films Last?

Commercial window films should serve you for about 20 years or more, depending on various factors. For starters, professionally installed commercial window films are likely to last longer than poorly installed films. Other factors that will affect the longevity of your commercial window films include:

  • The condition of the window on which the films have been installed
  • The quality of the window films
  • The directional position of your office windows
  • The type of window film used
  • Post-installation care

If you have more questions about commercial window films, we are happy to answer them. Contact our residential and commercial San Diego window tinting experts. to learn more about commercial window films.