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More than 2 million robberies are reported in the U.S. each year.

Protecting your home and office from these break-ins can be expensive. Luckily, there are less-expensive and simpler alternatives to cameras and alarm systems.

Security window film is one of those options. Keep reading to learn how it can help protect your home or office from outside threats.
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Reduce the Threat of Break-Ins

One of the biggest benefits of security window film is that it helps to prevent break-ins, robberies, and home invasions.

Security window film is a protective layer sealed to the glass of your home or business. While it’s thin and flexible, it creates a protective seal that makes your glass more difficult to penetrate.

This window film is designed to withstand multiple blows. After a few attempts to break into a home go unsuccessful, criminals aren’t likely to continue trying and risk getting caught.

Even if they do manage to shatter the glass, they’ll have a tough time getting through the film, which is designed to hold the shattered glass together.

Adding a security film to your windows is a great way to discourage break-ins.

Block Criminals View

Many people wrongly assume that home invasions happen only at night.

In reality, the majority of break-ins occur between the hours of 10 a.m. and 3 p.m., when the sun is shining. Part of this may be because criminals want to be able to see what’s inside the home they’re breaking into by looking through the windows.

You can make your security film on your glass even more effective at deterring criminals by choosing a tinted film.

A tinted film obscures the view of what’s inside that window, making it more difficult for criminals to look inside to see whether it’s worth trying to break in.

An added bonus of tinted film for security is that it helps to protect your home and office from UV rays. It helps make your home more energy efficient by blocking heat from getting in during hotter months and sealing heat within your home during colder ones.

Prevent Harm Caused by Shattered Glass

Glass from a shattered window can be a big threat to anyone that comes near that window.

Not all safety threats are from criminals. Windows can be shattered by kids playing, furniture falling over or tree branches.

When windows shatter unexpectedly, anyone standing too close is at risk of being cut by the glass.

Security window film helps to hold your windows together when they shatter. This film keeps the glass shards from getting thrown, which protects anyone standing too close.

Protect Your Windows from Flying Debris

From tornadoes and hurricanes to wind storms, there is a constant threat of debris, such as tree limbs or even hail, shattering your windows.

Security film on your windows can help to prevent this from happening.

Protect Your Home or Office with Security Window Film

Adding security film to the windows of your home or office is a great way to protect against outside threats.

From reducing visibility to keeping criminals out, protecting your family and employees from broken glass, and even increasing energy efficiency, these films are packed with benefits.

If you’re ready to see how they can make a difference in your home or office, then contact us today for a free estimate!
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