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Although San Diego’s insecurity levels dropped by 7.5% in 2022, embracing effective measures to protect your properties and loved ones is essential. One tried, and proven way to improve security and keep your commercial facility or residential property safe is by adding security films to your windows. Security films are thin and transparent layers or films that are attached to glass surfaces. If installed correctly, they will make your windows more resistant to breakage. Moreover, security window films can improve the longevity and durability of your windows. However, ensuring proper installation is the key to leveraging the power of security window films.

So, read on to discover more about the installation process of adding security window films to your windows.

✅Assessment and Consultation

A successful window film installation always starts with a thorough assessment and consultation. Once you contact a reputable and trusted window film manufacturer and installer, they will visit your property for a thorough evaluation. Expect them to start by evaluating the type and size of your windows. From there, they will assess the surrounding environment to identify safety concerns. They will also ask you about the safety concerns you want to address. Remember to inform them about all your security goals and your preferences.

✅Selecting the Right Security Film For Your Windows

After the initial assessment and consultation, the window film manufacturer or installer you are working with will proceed to help you choose the suitable security film for your windows. They will consider your preferences and security goals to help you make an informed decision. For instance, they may advise you to install thicker security films with strong adhesive properties if your premises is in an insecure area. Such window films offer more resistance against breakage than thinner window films.

Apart from security concerns, they will also consider film performance. Window films offer more than just improved security. Some can also provide exceptional UV protection, energy efficiency, and glare reduction. That’s why selecting a highly functional security window film is advisable to leverage all these benefits. Moreover, consider clarity and tint when you are choosing your window films. You don’t have to sacrifice natural light to enhance your home or office security. Some window films, like window armor, can provide exceptional security and safety without blocking natural light. You can also opt for transparent security films that are virtually invisible if you don’t want to minimize the amount of natural light flowing into your building. Alternatively, go for tinted options if you would like to take the privacy levels to another level and reduce glare.

Another crucial factor to have in mind when shopping for security window films is UV protection. Consistent exposure to UV rays can damage and fade interior furnishings and flooring. That’s why choosing a security film that guarantees high UV protection to protect your possessions from UV-related deterioration is essential. Also, don’t forget to think about shatter resistance before buying a security window film. The rule of thumb is to install security films with exceptional shatter-resistant properties. Such window films will hold shattered glass fragments together in case of a natural event or an attempted break-in. This will prevent those fragments from dispersing and reduce the risk of injury.

✅Preparation and Cleaning

A window film installer cleaning the window

As mentioned, proper installation can make or break the installation process. Properly installed security window films will likely offer better security and durability than poorly installed ones. To ensure proper installation, the installers must prepare and clean the surface before installing the film. The team will thoroughly clean the window surfaces to remove dust, oil residues, and debris. Failure to clean the surface will hinder the proper adhesion of the security film. They may use specialized cleaning agents and techniques to clean your glass surface. Moreover, the installers will use appropriate materials, including non-abrasive cloths, to avoid scratching the glass.

After that, the installers will take precise measurements of each window to ensure the security film fits perfectly and covers the entire glass. They may use specialized cutting tools or templates for complex window sizes and shapes.

✅Securing the Work Area

Depending on the complexity of the installation process, the window film installation crew may have to secure the working area before embarking on the project. This often involves inspecting the areas to identify potential hazards that may slow the process. The team may remove any decorations, furniture, or other items that impede installation. Also, the installers will use protective coverings to protect the surrounding surfaces, walls, and floors from damage during the installation.

To minimize disruptions, take your time to find experienced installers. Experienced installers have the tools and expertise to complete the installation within the set time frame without causing any inconvenience to your business operations.

✅Application of Security Films

Now that the window surfaces are clean and the work area is free from debris and distractions, it’s time to start the installation process. But before that, the installers will ensure that each film is an exact fit. After that, they will activate the adhesive on the backside of each window film. It usually involves adding a solution to the glue. Activating the adhesive is essential to ensure the films adhere to the glass surface. It also prevents air bubbles or creases that may slow the installation process.

After the adhesive is activated, the installer will carefully apply the security film to the interior surface of your windows. While at it, they will ensure that each film aligns precisely with the window frame. They may use specialized tools and squeegees to remove air bubbles to provide a secure bond. During application, the installers must prevent dust or contaminants from getting trapped between the glass surface and the film.

Installing of window film in an establishment's window

✅Curing and Drying

Another crucial step in installing security films is curing and drying. Drying and curing ensure the security film properly adheres to the glass surface to enhance its strength and durability. Curing gives the adhesive adequate time to reach its optimal bonding strength. The curing time for each security window film varies widely based on the environmental conditions, film type, and thickness. Generally, thicker security window films require more time to cure than thinner ones. Moreover, lower humidity levels and higher temperatures are likely to enhance the curing process, unlike colder temperatures and higher humidity levels.

After the curing phase, the installer will leave the installed window films to dry. This phase allows the security film to adhere securely and uniformly to the glass surface by removing air bubbles or trapped moisture. With time, the window film will become fully transparent to provide a clear view through your windows. It will also settle into place, enhancing the visual appearance. Also, adequate curing and drying will make your new security films more resistant to extreme weather conditions like temperature fluctuations, high winds, and storms. It also guarantees the durability and long-term performance of the security film.

✅Final Inspection and Quality Assurance

After the curing and drying phase, the installer will focus on a comprehensive final inspection and quality assurance. This phase ensures that the film adheres seamlessly and performs as expected. Moreover, final inspection and quality assurance allows the installation team to confirm if the security film will provide the desired protection and meet safety and aesthetic standards. In order to do that, the installers must check for imperfections, air bubbles, or defects that may have occurred during the installation process. They will check the edges and corners of the window film to ensure it is securely adhered to the glass and frame.

If any area requires their attention, the team will address it promptly. The final assessment also ensures that the security film aligns precisely with the window frames. Proper alignment ensures a perfect and professional appearance of your new security films. Moreover, the installer will confirm if the films cover the entire glass surface without leaving any gaps or overlaps. Another crucial aspect of the final inspection is cleanliness and aesthetics. The installation team will inspect the appearance of the security film to ensure it maintains a clean and transparent finish.

Finally, they will check the adhesion strength of each security film. A strong adhesion strength ensures the security film remains securely in place, especially during extreme weather conditions or break-in attempts. Before leaving,  the installers will share maintenance guidelines and tips to help you take care of and extend your security films’ life.

Final Thoughts

Installing security films is a cost-effective way to enhance your home’s or commercial facility’s safety and security. However, you must ensure proper installation to ensure long-term performance and durability. The secret to proper installation is working with a reputable and professional security film manufacturer and installer. Working with a trusted security film installer guarantees quality installation and the reliability of your new security films.

If you are looking for a reliable and trusted window film manufacturer in San Diego and the surrounding areas, look no further than NU-VUE Window Films. Our experienced professionals will take their time to prepare your window surfaces, take precise measurements, and carefully apply your security films to ensure a seamless and secure bond. They will also ensure adequate curing and drying so that your window films achieve optimal performance. We also have an extensive product selection to ensure you get what you are looking for. Call us today at (619) 994-2882 or complete this online form to learn more about our security window film installation process.

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