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Although natural light is among the most priceless home features, sometimes too much of it can be harmful. Sometimes too much natural light can make a space feel sterile and dull. It can also be blinding, making you and your loved ones uncomfortable. Fortunately, you can balance out natural light by installing the best types of residential window tints. When shopping for a new window tint, you will discover several kinds of window tints available in the market. Here is a comprehensive breakdown of the best window tints for houses.

Solar Control Films

Solar control films block harsh UV rays, glare, and heat. These films reflect approximately 99% of UV rays and can help you control the amount of natural lighting your house gets. It is your best bet if your home is located in a sun-soaked area. Additionally, solar control films can protect your loved ones from the effects of ultra Violet radiation.

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Decorative and Privacy Window Films


Decorative and privacy window films can also help you regulate natural lighting in your home. The good thing with decorative tint films is that they can also help you to improve your home’s interior and curb appeal. Moreover, these window films can make your windows the focal point of your home. Decorative films are available in different designs, color options, and patterns. This also means that you can find the right design for your home.

UV Window Films


UV window films have the potential to block harmful UV rays. Homeowners can enhance energy efficiency and protect their loved ones and property by installing UV window films. Prolonged UV exposure exposes your loved ones to the risk of blinding eye diseases and severe health issues such as cancer. Moreover, UV films can also reduce glare without making your home dark.

Safety and Security Window Films


Safety and security window films should be your go-to option if you want to protect your loved ones from vandalism, harsh weather, natural disasters, and crime. Security window films have a super adhesive that keeps the glass together even after a significant impact. Even if the glass might break, the cracked shards remain attached to the security film, minimizing injuries and making clean-up easier. Also, security window films can improve home security by preventing break-ins.

Surface Protection Films


If you are worried about vandalism and tagging, then surface protection films will help. These window films are designed to protect glass from scratching, vandalism, and graffiti. After installing these films, you won’t have to worry about the expenses of replacing your glass due to vandalism. Moreover, these films make cleaning easier.

Metalized Films

Metallic window films are the best option if you want a stylish and durable window tint for your home. These films also offer unmatched durability and performance. You can use them to deter crime and prevent the effects of UV rays.

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