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In a commercial kitchen and corporate elevators, there’s nothing like the look of stainless steel.

Oozing class and cleanliness, it’s exactly the image you want to project, especially if you’re going for an open kitchen concept or have exposed steel on elevator doors and other public surroundings.

There’s one snag though. It turns out ‘stainless’ steel is one misnamed product.

Everything from knives, utensils, and tools will easily scratch away its top surface. Detergents and even pan scrubbers will cover it with tiny abrasions and erode its shiny top layer, giving it a worse for wear look.

However, help is at hand. Metal Shield is a 6.5 mil. thick anti-graffiti protective film for covering all your stainless steel surfaces. Here’s why it’s a must-have for your business.

1. Protects from Scratches

Whatever tries to scratch your stainless steel surface, whether it’s sharp knives, scratchy implements or coming into contact with the general public, Metal Shield will absorb them all.

This means that the actual stainless steel surface remains intact, as good as the day you bought it. As it’s a clear protective film, the natural brightness of the metal will still shine through.

Metal Shield protects against vandalism on elevators, restroom partitions, signposts, vending machines, wall panels, ticket machines, and more.

metal shield films
metal shield films

2. Guards Against Chemical Attacks

Brushed stainless steel is slightly porous, leaving it open to damage from a range of chemicals. Even commercial cleaning products and hard water that deposits minerals can tarnish its surface, leaving unsightly marks.

The beauty of this film is that it provides protection against all liquids. Nothing can penetrate it and spills can simply be wiped off without staining.

3. Remove and Start Over

There comes a point when Metal Shield itself will declare enough is enough.

When it’s time for a replacement, a trained technician can remove it and replace it with new film, making the surface as good as new.

In fact, in just a few hours, you’ll see it restored to its original appearance. Imagine if your counters and appliances had taken all that hammering instead of the protective film!

4. Leaves No Residue

Many people have an understandable concern about residue. You can often do as much damage trying to remove the sticky stuff.

With protective film, it’s designed to come away cleanly, leaving no sticky residue behind, ready for the next application.

5. Saves You Money

Stainless steel appliances are a major investment.

Easily taking up 75% of your restaurant start-up costs, you want to make sure that it’s an investment you protect. The same goes for elevators — there’s nothing more off-putting than one that looks scratched and damaged.

Guard it with protective film and it’ll withstand what’s thrown at it and look great for years to come.
The Verdict: Benefits of Metal Shield
It’s clear to see the benefits of Metal Shield if you’ve got stainless steel items.

It’s not just about looks — it’s good business sense to maintain the finish of your appliances and elevators preserving their value and function for the years ahead.

Metal Shield is available in many finishes aside from stainless steel.

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