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By now, you must’ve heard that window tinting is incredibly beneficial and an excellent return on investment. And you heard right. One of the reasons for the widespread popularity of window films is the fact that they are incredibly versatile. They bring a number of benefits to your home or commercial space. They are also incredibly beneficial for office use, with office building window tinting booming in Murrieta.

If you own a commercial or office building, the choice of the most suitable type of window film will depend on various factors.

It’s important to identify issues you wish to solve first; ask your employees if there is anything they would change. Perhaps it’s too hot at times. Maybe there is too much glare. Perhaps they feel they don’t have enough privacy in their workstations. Or maybe you would all simply like to make the office look more attractive.

All in all, here is our list of best choices of office building window films.


Solar window tinting is by far the most common in Murrieta. And it’s no wonder. By installing solar window film, you can balance the hot and cold spots throughout your office building. It’s most important feature, though, is heat reduction.

Solar control films manage to reduce around 80% of the heat. This impressive figure is supported by the fact that less heat means the reduced usage of AC units and, in turn, lower energy bills for the building.


While offices with lots of natural light are stimulating, those with too much glare are not. When there is too much glare, the space is simply too bright. Add to that the fact that most modern office spaces feature lots of white surfaces and glass, so the brightness is often barely tolerable.

As a consequence, too much glare results in distracted employees and can eventually lead to a drop in productivity. Not exactly an employer’s dream scenario.

Apart from minimizing glare, anti-glare window film has heat-control and anti-UV properties, making it an ideal choice when you decide on office building window tinting.
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This sought-after window film has both practical and aesthetic applications. On the one hand, it incorporates all positive features shared by all types of window film, so it offers mild protection against harmful sun rays and has anti-glare properties. On the other hand, it provides the opportunity to personalize your office building with a myriad of designs.

What’s more, decorative window film is equally successful in interior and exterior uses. For example, you can have decorative window film on glass panes between offices or meeting rooms. You can display your logo consistently throughout your office building and reinforce brand awareness.

Additionally, by installing frosted window film on street-facing windows, your building will look more modern and more attractive from the outside, not to mention you will get more privacy on the inside.


There are a number of unfounded myths about window tinting, one of which claims that window films will make glass break easier. In fact, it’s the opposite. Security window film is designed specifically for minimizing glass shattering. Depending on the brand and type, security window film also provides protection against break-ins and vandalism. If your offices are at the street level, this type of film is a fantastic investment.

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Choose from a variety of window films provided by NU-VUE Window Films. We boast top-of-the-line solar control, decorative, security, and energy-saving window films. Our stellar reputation is due to the impeccable services we provide, including window film installation and removal. Contact us today for a free consultation!

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